Short Sleeve Shirt : Essential

Ok so it is safe to say our summer has been pretty shocking here in London…. The wettest summer on recorded merged with tropical humidity even the Amazon Rainforest would seem cooler, so much so it seems the Kew Gardens Palm House has taken over London…

Now this humid weather makes dressing very difficult, finding the balance between looking good, remaining cool and certainly not feeling sticky. Up until last summer I had been very adverse to a short sleeve shirt, picturing it more as an item worn by a 1980s chemistry teacher in some gaudy gingham check…however with the rise of vintage festival inspired clothing the short sleeve shirt has become a staple in my summer wardrobe.

I’ve selected few of my personal favourite short sleeve shirts from this summer that I just can’t get enough of, hoping this weather will extended into the well prophesied Indian Summer,which we get promised every year, so I can continue to wear them for many days to come…

1. Reclaimed Vintage: sold on Asos Reclaimed Vintage provided amazing prints and relaxed fits, perfect for a stylish outfit gauretneed to attract attention! While the print can’t be seen as a bit out there, they certainly encompass that festival atmosphere!

Asos : When I comes to easy simple style never underestimate the power of Asos‘ very own collections! They are one of the few brands that I feel invest as much time into their men’s wear collections as they do their women’s, and boy does it pay off! Here are some simple short sleeve shirts gauretneed to make the heat more bearable !

Topman: it would be impossible to mention British Summer style without having one of the highstreet leading brands! Topman constantly create some of the best pieces and their take on the classic Reverve collar has certainly set the trend, seeing the style pop up all over the place!

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  1. Damn, you make a short sleeve look good! 😘

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