Autumn Jackets: The Trends

So it has finally come to the time of year when if, like me, you wake at some ungodly hour it is utterly Baltic however by midday the climate resembles the Mediterranean shores. This change in weather makes dressing extremely difficult! Luckily one thing it does do is make you start thinking about outerwear and the reintroduction of layering items into your wardobe! I’m going to be looking at three key trends for your autumnal over garments, to give you some inspiration to set you up for the whole season!

The Souvenir Jacket:

The summer staple jacket continues to live on in the Autumn season, and boy does this excite me! The bomber jackets far more fabulous cousin, takes its inspiration from great Japanese designs, mixing silk-like textures with exotic colours and decorative patching. It is practically impossible to walk down the high street these days and not find a souvenir jacket that you won’t fall in love with instantly, but here are one or two of my favourite!

Topman : £85

Deisel: £250

Zara: £69.99

The Textured Jacket:

The next key autumnal trend for your outerwear is adding some great texture to your outfits! If you want to take it one step further than the Souvenir Jacket’s silky touch, then you’ll be jumping for joy that fabrics such as suede are totally in! Some might find the thought of a suede jacket in British Autumn outfit suicide, with the chances of rain always feeling imminent, however if you embrace this wonderful matieral (and suede protect it to an inch of it life) you most certainly will be singing in (and out) of the rain! Here is a great example from Reclaimed Vintage with the added bonus of fringing!!

Reclaimed Vintage : £180

The Trench Coat

Nothing screams Autumn more than the classic trench coat and an item that should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.The trench coat is a jacket that looked cool on fictional Sherlock Holmes and the non fictional Benedict Cumberbatch! With brands like Burburry becoming famous for this staple outerwear piece, it’s a must for the autumn season and can be found all over the high street!

Topman: £100

Reclaimed Vintage : £85

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