ALIVEINUS is an amazing new British street wear clothing brand that has just launched on Asos Marketplace – taking the ethos that no matter what tragedy and loss people may face, our loved ones can still remain ALIVEINUS, boldly wearing tribute to those who have inspired us, and not our fears and regrets.

Launched by Calum Hassall, the clothing stems from his own loss, suddenly loosing his youngest brother last year. Hassall says that the brand embodies the ideology that people live on- no matter if they are with us or not- but can still have the ability to inspire you daily, an ethos I think is poetically beautiful.

Their designs are clean and simple, nothing too “revolutionary”, Hassall himself told me “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel… But it’s a statement purchase in a way, a tribute to a special person you can carry with you everyday”. I think I should note that these are items that are so comfortable to wear, I never want to take the hoodie off, but also brilliantly manufactured to a great quiality!

ALIVEINUS is available now on Asos Marketplace

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