Floral in Autumn !

So Autumn is well and truly upon us, the days are darker, the leaves have turned a gorgeous golden brown and there is a whole selection chunky knitwear for us to dive into, and if you’re like me, you will simply love the next few months! Now in Summer we saw men embracing their feminine sides with their fashion choices; soft textures, silky fabrics and summer hottest colour -PINK- being seen all over the high street! So it is really wonderful to see this embracing of the feminine side in Autumn, with one of the main trends being – floral prints! Yes through all items of clothing floral really is blossoming (excuse the awful dad joke) everywhere! The patterns may be bold, but guys we’ve been given an oppertunity to really jazz up our wardrobes, why let the girls have all the fun!

 Here is my selection of some of the top high street brands embracing the Flower Power movement! In the words of Devil Wear’s Prada Editor in Cheif Miranda Priesley “Floral… in Spring… Groundbreaking”… Well, Floral in Autumn certainly is !

Asos Floral Trousers – £25

Asos Floral Souvenir Jacket – £50

Reclaimed Vintage Floral Shirt – £40

Asos Floral Shirt – £25

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