Spring’s Hottest Trends

So here we are, we find ourselves suddenly realising that two months of the year are almost up and that this year, like all those before it, will fly by. Another two London Fashion Weeks have come to a close, filled with amazing parties and even more amazing straight off the runway collections – gone are showing Summer in September and Winter in a February catwalks, with designers opting for “See It, Buy It” styles (which I think makes waaaaay more sense any?! Because I hate waiting for months to buy it!). So this leads us nicely into my next blog post of the trends that are BIG for menswear this Spring!

Bold Print

I used to never want to stray away from wearing all black, as it was very simple and classic but I’ve learnt to live a little (god im wild) and embrace this trend! Big, bold prints are a super hot for Spring and Summer this year, so enjoy them and wear them with confidence!

Reclaimed Vintage

Reclaimed Vintage



Long Outwear

All throughout winter “longline” was a major trend with tshirts coming down to the knees, a trend I could never quite get on board with… however  floor length coats – YAS I am all about this trend and so ready ! Now I accept this isn’t for everyone, as those who do not have the same lanky body shape as I do – similar to that of say a human tender stem broccoli – will find that the long coats may drag on the floor, but for the taller amongst us, this is a great trend to be on board with!


Rock n Roll

Now I have said this to many people about this trend – I adore a good old vintage rock tee, but I am totally guilty of wearing band tees without ever taking a interest in the band themselves – all in the name of fashion! But hey, who cares, even if your music is a little more Little Mix than Led Zeppelin it doesn’t matter, because rock n roll tees are a super hot trend this Spring, and a true rocker wouldn’t care what people think!


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  1. I wish I could pull off patterns like you do! My favourite trend has definitely been the long coats!


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