Working Title Clothing x Cheap Monday

I have never been to Norwich. A strange statement to open a blog post with, but yet I feel the need to mention it. If I have never been to Norwich, you may wonder how I stumbled across a gem of a boutique based in this city – Working Title Clothing. One day I was browsing the internet in search of some new online retailers, of course I am obsessed with the likes of Asos, but sometimes it is nice to branch off the beaten track! During my search I came across WTC. Based in Norwich, Working Title Clothing in an independent retailer, with a boutique store in Norwich, and online. While you may never have heard of them, you will certainly have heard of the extensive collection of clothing ranging from Cheap Monday (I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this) through to the like of Bjorn Borg.  Inspired by the unique styling of Shoreditch (I mean aren’t we all these days) and the fastly emerging trend of scandi minimalism Working Title Clothing takes these two passion points and embeds it in the fashion ethos of their store. While the main focus of the brand is to bring emerging designers to the Norwich area, they boast an extremely competitive price point for these high end brands – making it your one stop shop regardless of your postcode!

Here you will see a selection of outfits I put together from Cheap Monday, all available from a Working Title Clothing! 


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  1. Do you think a girl could wear that denim jacket?


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