Sunglasses Shop x Rayban

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally arrived! There were moments when I didn’t think we would make it, but fear not we have emerged into the light – the sun is shinning in London and it is officially acceptable to wear sunglasses again!! Now sunglasses are extremely personal, not every style will suit you (I’m sure the not so modest amongst you will contest this – but let’s face it, some style jut won’t suit your face shape! )  and with so many different style it can be hard to sometimes know what ones would work for you!

Now if you are like me, you are rather impulsive and impatient, opting for the online purchase right now and thought process of that “yeah that would probably suit me me” rather than going in store and trying everything on! Sunglasses Shop is an online and high street retailer specialising in exactly what it says on the tin – Sunglasses! Stocking one of the most extensive collections of sunglasses I think I have seen, it really is a one stop shop for all thing fashionably opitical!

One of the best things for us impulsive people is that you can return any sunglasses with their 365 day refund policy – obviously as long as they’re in the same condition as purchase though, before any of you clumsy folk start having any ideas – but at least this means if you have misjudged your face shape (slightly more ❤️ and less ⭕️ … or maybe the other way round, pun intended ) then you can pop back your glasses and change them for something else! If you want to be daring a try a completely new shape of sunglasses, veering away from the classic aviator, Sunglasses Shop has a great online chat service where you can discuss all the best shapes for your face, with their helpful customer service team – and my goodness they know their shit when it comes to sunglasses!

Now I am that person that always wore aviators – I can hear the cries of despair for my “basic bitch life” from here – so I thought I’m going to try something new and I am so glad I did! I opted for Ray-Bans, I didn’t want to branch out too much from my comfort zone, I’m already loosing my classic shape, so hey sue me if I want to stick with a brand I love!

Ray-Ban 2447 Fleck


The new Ray-Ban 2447 Fleck is part of a style upgrade for the brand, focusing on a sophisticated retro round frame! Part of the Ray-Ban Fleck Collection they are cut and crafted from exclusive flecked acetate, with an updated take on tortoiseshell frame. Cassandra Hollis, the fashion editor for Sunglasses Shop said “The retro round is everywhere right now. It’s the next step up from well worn vintages style like the Wayfarer and Clubmaster. And in Ray-Bans new Fleck acetate you’ll really set yourself apart.” Well Cassandra, all I can say is I am excited for the sun to shine all summer long now! The round shape suits my face, just as well as their aviator predecessor, but just has a more modern feel about it, while the tortoiseshell frames are just crying out for a trip to the south of France to be shown off!

Check out the Sunglasses Shop here , and give your summer wardrobe a bit of a lift today!


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  1. Ah I really like this shape but didn’t know if it would suit my face! Might give it a try!


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