Fiyah Jewellery 

I’ve never been one for wearing jewellery, I’ve always wanted to be one of those people had amazing necklaces and rings but I just never quite knew where to start! I frequently bought lots of cheap bits of faux silver pendants in the hopes that I would be able to look like something straight out of a GQ Mag editorial , however after wearing it once I would take it off and it would suddenly disappear in my chest of draw, or down the side of my bed never to be worn again. Similarly with rings I was baffled – sizing in the letters of the alaphabet, what’s that about, and what do I do about the fact that if my fingers were humans they would certainly have a “pear shape body”?! How was I meant to be able to find a ring that would fit over my bulbous knuckle while fit the rest of my finger. I decided that it is best I just not wear anything.

Then recently I discovered Fiyah, a brand that’s signature piece was an adjustable feather ring – it’s as if the gods of fashion had heard my prayers! Fiyah pride themselves on being able to help those who fingers are naturally never going to feature in a delicate hand moisturiser ad, with the gorgeous peices combining super cool designs, with the practical elements I have been longing for! This allows for you to order online and be happy with the product, no matter what size your finger is! My instant fave was the Imperial Plume Ring 

Well this had me hooked! I started looking through the rest of the site, finding some amazing gems! Fiyah only use precious metals in their jewellery, mainly focusing on sterling silver. Another piece that kept out was the matching Plume pendant to my signature ring, a piece that I felt my style icon – dear Mr Poynter – would totally wear, right?! 

Fiyah’s ethos is all about embracing positivity and natural enegery and happiness. I’ve said to myself that in 2017 and 2018 I want to travel more than I’ve ever travelled before and experience new places! I noticed that there was a Pendant of St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers – although google tells me he recently got de-sainted ?! How do you get de-sainted?! That’s like being made a prefect at sixth form and having the prestigious title removed from you?! Anyway I saw this as a sign, if I get the St Christopher pendant then surely I will be able to travel more!

So if you are like me and have never worn jewellery before but want to have a go, certainly check out Fiyah – a great price point product, with fashion forward designs!


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  1. Great post.


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