Barcelona : With Rayban x Sunglasses Shop

A while back I did a blog post on an amazing pair of Raybans I was kindly sent by the beauts at Sunglasses Shop! Well loads of you guys were saying how useful you found it, different glasses for different face shapes and what shapes work with what glasses, it was great reading your comments and feedback! Anyway there is no better time to bust out the shades than in summer, am I right! Every year loads of super fun new designs come out and the guys at Sunglasses Shop have sent me another gorgeous pair of Raybans for me to show you guys!

Now I didn’t want to just do another blog post on Sunglasses like before, because that’s dull and basic no one wants to aspire to be basic! So instead I thought I would incoperate the sunglasses into my trip to Barcelona, because where better to show off amazing specs, than in one of the brightest, most vibrant, sun traps in the world! So here you go, my first ever venture into a travel blog post thanks the dream boats at Sunglasses Shop! 

So firstly the city itself, it is just so elegantly beautiful, I can’t even begin to describe to you how gorgeous this place is. There is a real sense of regality and opulence about it, with some of the most exquisite architecture I have ever seen. The city is a buzz of post modernist artwork and buildigning beautifully contrasted with old town opulence. We were staying at Soho House Barcelona, the British members club that opened up at the start of the year. Located in the gothic quarter right on the marina Soho House Barcelona is beautiful in every sense, with the rooftop pool and bar fast become one of Barcelona’s focal hot spots – just as its English equivalents already are. In an old 19th century gothic building, the house holds 57 bedrooms, a cowshed spa, an indoor pool and rooftop pool. It lives up to the same impeccable standard as all the other houses, with the food being a real treat- the freshest fish and veg for all meals! If you want my recommendation I would say go for the tuna steak and the watermelon and feta salad, it might be the best thing I have ever tasted! Now I am a member, however I did ask – and great news you guys, you don’t actually have to be a member to stay at the hotel – so get booking as it is just insane! 

Now I have to admit it, I am a huge tourist, up early morning to explore much to the hatred of my boyfriend. I always find that it is best to get as much done on the first day in terms of mapping out the local area as possible – so we always jump on one those big red tour buses. Barcelona City Tour has two route (green and red) both lasting just over two hours and shows you everything you could possibly see and want to know about the city – for example they hosted the olympics in 1992, a fact they must be really proud of as they mention it a fair few times on the tour -sorry no more spoilers – and as a result had a huge revival to the landscape and building developments to city, including the renovation of the waterfront and the harbour marina – I feel all England got was a Stratford Westfield – missed opportunity! The tour takes you round the whole city, and you’re able to jump on and jump off at all the different spots and site throughout the basically like an epic taxi! 

The one thing you have to see is the Sagrada Familia, the recently deemed basilica. The beautiful catherdral, designed by Catalan Modernist architect – Antoni Gaudi, is deemed the national treasure of Barcelona and no trip there would be complete without seeing it. When I saw it I thought that I had just been unlucky and they were restoring and renovating it, but no, it actually still hasn’t finished being built, and won’t for another decade or so – with a set completion date of 2026 ( when you think they started building it in 1882!) My photos don’t do the sheer scale of the basilica justice – standing tall with a planned 560ft spire, and a capacity of 9,000, that’s nearly double Wembley Arena! Gaudi is some what of an icon of the city, with his influence in design being refelected everywhere you go, there is an amazing contrast between the old historic architecture and his colourful flare all over, designs juxtaposed throughout the city. 

The city itself has these beautiful buildings with elegant shutters and terracotta walls, as you would expect from any beautiful Mediterranean style location, but then a magnificent contrast though vibrant bursts of colour that set Barcelona apart from any of its neighbours!

Now let me tell you about these Ray Ban 3548N’s that kept me looking stylish the whole trip! The classic Ray-Ban round evolves, and with trendy flat lenses there’s serious distinction to be had with this all new frame. The classic round frame has been updated to a more angular shape, something that won’t be for everyone, but I think looks amazing! They come in a range of different colour frames from classic gold through to bronze and matte grey glass. Handcrafted in Italy with mineral glass lenses for supreme clarity the have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, with the Sunglasses Shop – something that for someone like me who constantly breaks things- is invaluable! You can gets yours directly here!  

Overall I think Barcelona might be my new favourite city, I have never ever been to a place quite like it, where there is an air of the regal and Mediterranean at the heart of the city and yet a vibrancy and pop of colour from its new artistic flare that is so infectious. I can’t wait to come back already, and explore this city even more, all through the gaze of my ray bans.

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