How I Styled My First Flat

So for those of who keep up to date with me over on my instagram (@cullenjamie) you’ll have known that I recently entered the big bad world of “Being An Adult With Responsibility” as I have bought my first flat, it is a tiny flat, some may even call it a slightly large glorified shoe box, but it is mine and that’s all that matters! The first daunting thing I thought was – shit, I now can’t just up and run away to America, something I would never probably do anyway, but now I really don’t have the option – got to pay that mortgage you know (lol still laugh that I have a mortgage – ergo Im old). The second daunting thing was working out how I wanted to style the flat, making it officially my place, with my characteristic, and not owned by my parents.

This is something that I think a lot of first time buyers will face, the input of the parent longing for a focus wall, in a vibrant magenta pink, or a rug that looks like it has just been shipped over from the Middle East. Not for me, at all – I wanted simple, minimal, no fuss. I knew I wanted dark wood floor, I knew I wanted grey walls, and I knew I wanted white ceilings. So far, I thought I was smashing it – I knew exactly what I wanted, until it came to buying paint. Whoever wrote 50 Shades Of Grey was certainly lying, there are about 200 shades of grey, all with names that lend absolutely no clue to what they look like “Midnight Mist”, “Space Mystery” and my particular favourite “True Grey” – as if it was somehow more worthy than the other 199 shades! After many swatch test on the walls – we finally settled on “Winter Haze” or to me – grey.

Where the paint buying caused unexpected stress, the actually styling was pleasantly easy. Rather than taking you through each room I thought it might be nice to highlight a few ways that I have been able to make my new flat more cosy and homely. In 2017 I’ve been very fortunate enough to have met the lovely team at Next and collaborated a load on the Men’s collection, they really have upped their game as a side note. I knew that Next did home wear, but I didn’t realise how well known they were for it, with some Next stores being solely dedicated to home wear. The lovely guys at Next Home helped me kit out my entire living room accessories, from rugs and throws to fab cushions. Now in the interest of transparency i feel the need to let ya’ll know that they haven’t paid me for this, they sent me bits I liked as a housewarming gift, and the product is genuinely worth shouting about!

We started things off with this beautiful Chevron Knit Throw, I knew that I needed to have some contrast against the grey walls, so the obvious choice for me was – BLACK and WHITE (again much to my mother’s disappointment at not injecting some cerulean blue). Sofas are the heart of any property I feel, so I think investing in a good throw to make it extra cosy is well worth it. This throw is a mix of wool, acrylic and polyester making it super soft. The other advantage of a throw on the sofa, means that it protects the wall from being hit and scratched by the back of the sofa if people relax into it all be it a little to passionately.


Secondly I am a massive cushion fan, I think the more cushion the better – my bed is full of them, so I knew I would want some nice cushions for my living room. I want cushions that would go well with the subdued theme of the flat that I was going for, subdued being the choice of words by my mother – I don’t think she will ever accept the lack of colour! Next had some lovely cushions that would allow me to create comfort while also injecting some some fun into the place. These Grey Knitted Pom Cushions for instance work perfectly with the colour scheme, however add a bit of character through the faux fur Pom on the end, also complementing the wooden floor. Sadly it seems that by the time that I had been sent the cushions and writing this, other too had the same idea as they are now not online, however they have got this fab throw in the same design – perfect for injecting personality while keeping to a millennial colour scheme.


Below are a few photos of other rooms in the flat, just so that it can give you an idea of what I’ve done with the place! If you want to know where anything is from, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help out!

Similar to the rest of the flat – my bedroom is decidedly grey. Originally there was ghastly beige carpet which was the first thing to go. I love wooden floors, ever since I was little I always knew I wanted dark wooden floors. They’re practical in that you can’t really stain it if something spills, I’m looking at you red wine lovers, and they look so stylish. I think all my years of watching Gossip Girl made me just want a Manhattan style apartment! I think had it been possible to remove the plaster from the walls and have exposed brick I would’ve – Dan Humphreys eat your heart out!

My bedding is from The White Company, I love their stuff! I went for brushed cotton sheet so that I’m super snug and cosy – however if you are prone to overheating at night they probably aren’t the best for you, and you’ll 100% need light sheets for summer! Also check my London Marathon Photo – really should hang that!!


LASTLY there’s my kitchen, again, sticking with the theme – you guessed it, grey fleck marble! If anyone has cool art recommendations send them my way!

J x

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  1. Jamie – you have lovely taste, and eye for fashion. I like the grey. Congratulations on your first flat.


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