Staying at The Sanderson

So here I am, sat in my flat, while the rain is pouring outside, it’s been pretty dark all day, and all I’m thinking is – how is this life for the next 4 months, before Summer finally saves us! January blues can get everyone down from time to time, the lack of vitamin D and any sort of warmth without wearing 10 layers and thermals. To counter my January blues the lovely people at the Sanderson Hotel said that my boyfriend and I could stay – they know my love of a good staycation, check out my post about my last staycation at The Mondrian – and instantly those January blues seem less painful and overbearing.

So first let me tell you a bit about the Sanderson Hotel. Located right in the heart of Londons West End (I mean it, literally roll out of bed and you’re on Oxford Street – it’s fab!) the Sanderson Hotel is situated in a land marked 1950s building (this is important to note – you’ll see why later on). The hotel has been transformed from its 50s state into a beautifully wacky and wonderful establishment, with humour and elegance combined at the heart of it, by the super talented Philippe Starck. Starck playfully pokes fun at the English in his designs, going as far as framing portraits of little dogs – a nod to the fact that the English love their pooches more than their children! Equipment with decadent pool table games room (with floor to ceiling stained glass!) , Aqua Spa, and a host of fabulous bars – the Sanderson Hotel is an oasis of wonder and escapism, in the bustle of the city. The lifts transport you into a magical outer space dream world, so as you rise up to your room, you actually feel out of this world (a little insider knowledge to look out for – Starck again pokes fun to the English love of ghosts and mystery and if you look carefully, as the lift is called, a framed picture of a ghost flies past you, attached to the lifts counter weight. It’s these little touches that make this hotel so incredibly special).

The bedrooms at the Sanderson do not disappoint either. Now, remember I said that the building was a landmark site, well this is now key. The outside of the building isn’t impressive, looking exactly as you’d expect from a 1950s style structure, but hey as it is landmarked it means it can’t be changed. Similarly the interior of the building is limited as to what renovation could be undertaken, with brick walls being one of those limited resources. Instead the bedrooms are filled with large glass walls – hey that’s one way to get through a loop whole – covered by elegant white silk drapery, making the bedrooms feel fit for Aladdin and Jasmine. Now I feel that every time I stay in a hotel I say that it’s the biggest bed I’ve ever stayed in, but this bed actually has to be – I was able to completely stretch out an so was my boyfriend and we still didn’t touch each other!

The Sanderson Hotel has beautiful bars both inside, the Long Bar, and outside, the Courtyard, where they host the famed Mad Hatter Tea Party. This event regularly features on a Time Outs must do in London list. Combining all the magic of the hotel, as you’d expect, the Mad Hatter Tea is suitable for adults and children alike. Find menus hidden in vintage books, teapots adorn with Queen of Hearts and sandwiches with ticking clocks, and the food mimics the much loved children’s book too with dishes fit for Alice herself.

The breakfast menu at the Sanderson Hotel was a particular favourite of mine. Teaming up with The Mindful Chef and Juiceman (sounds like a super hero health duo) The Sanderson breakfast menu is a culinary collaboration that should thrill every foodie and fitness buff. Combining high quality, with gluten free and dairy free options, the new breakfast menu is not only nutritious , but delicious- I went for the almond protein pancakes and I had to order a second batch they were that good!

Overall the Sanderson Hotel might just be my favourite hotel in London, the staff can’t help but help, the decor is sublime and it feels like you are staying inside a great world of imagination. I can’t wait to return.

J x


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  1. Loved this post Jamie omg I didn’t know they had gluten and dairy free options! I’ll deffo be heading there to eat now Xxx


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