Are You Cool Enough For Corduroy?

Ah corduroy, the material favourite by my dad, and gentlemen in their 50’s alike for so many years. If you ask me to think of corduroy, I am picturing a dark Burgundy pair worn by my dad for many a winter season, teamed with a white shirt – hardly screaming overtly fashion forward. It is a soft yet sturdy fabric, that is easily to recognised, famed for it’s ridged velvet fabric. So you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the material of the gentry is having what can only be described as a renaissance. Throughout AW17 corduroy slipped it way into womens fashion, jackets, shirts and accessories all being texturally transformed by the fabric. While the fabric will always conjure up ideas of ill fitting science teachers, or members of the gentry, corduroy can actually be extremely modern if the right pieces are chosen.

The Skinny Cord Trouser

The corduroy trouser is cord in probably it’s most famed form, in fact cord trousers have been around for over 100 years – and over the century their form has changed very little, until now. If you read my blog recently about finding the perfect denim you will know that the skinny jean is an absolute personal fav in my wardrobe. The Skinny Jean silhouette can be found by pretty much every fashion retailer these days – so it was only a matter of time before the corduroy clan embraced this modern cut. The Skinny Cord is a way to enjoy the fashionable cut of a skinny jean, while still maintaining the soft feel of cord – perfect for those who find denim too restrictive!

The Bomber Jacket

The famed Bomber Jacket has been a fashion staple for the past few years now, and what better way to introduce a new take of a famed staple, than by embracing the corduroy bomber jacket. Instantly you outfit has an vintage cool edge, while also being extremely on trend, and fairly unique. For those who want to take individual style further and fancy yourself a contender for the next Project Runway – cord’s soft fabric lends itself very well for patches and stitching!

So why not try mixing up your fabric this winter, that will not only let your dad think he is cool again, but also make you the talk of the fashion town for all the right reasons!


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  1. Love your blog. My first time here. Great fashion advice. I really like your style.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually picked up a couple of corduroy pieces the other week and I’m looking forward to styling them. That oversize jacket you’re wearing looks amazing!



  3. Great blog Jamie.


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