Exploring Paris

So for those of you who follow me on Instagram (@cullenjamie) you will know hat this year, for me, has all about travelling and exploring, visiting places I haven’t been before or haven’t been for years. A place that has always been on my to go list is Paris. Now before anyone says “oh em geeee HOW have you not been to Pairs” I have – just aged 8 and 12 for school trips, and Disney land definitely doesn’t count as visiting Paris FYI! Only 2 hours in the Eurostar and you are there, yes it is quicker to get to Paris than it to get to Manchester and at £29 return it is way cheaper too, just let that sink in! Now I should let you know now, I wasn’t going for a tourist trip, I didn’t want to see the usual traps that can force you to be waiting for hours in a queue, I wanted to explore “real Paris”. I was going with one of my best mates Rowan, and we had decided early in that we just want to walk around, drink wine, and take beaut photos!

We were staying at Le Cinq Codet, in the 7th district. Now no word of a lie, this is one of the most incredible hotels I have ever been to. Located about a 10 minutes taxi from the Eiffel Tower, Le Cinq Codet has stunning views overlooking the Miliatry Academy where Napoleon is buried – as in, battle of waterloo ABBA Napoleon. Our suite was set over two floors, with stunning wall to ceiling glass windows, that overlooked the gold roofed burial site. The staff were beyond accommodating even when I accidentally flooded the bathroom – full disclosure totally not my fault – and upgraded our room to a stunning roof top apartment with a jacuzzi (I know, I should flood bathrooms more often)!

Once we arrived we sat down for food in the courtyard garden, and obviously the first thing we had – crepes! I mean, again all about the honesty, we probably had 4 or 5 each they were that good, but you know, calories don’t count on holiday do they! We then went out to explore the streets of Paris. Now I had heard really mixed things, some people seem to love and some really don’t! The hotel is in one of the most beautiful areas, with Mediterranean style buildings that would make you think you are in Rome! We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to go so we ended up walking for a few hours. This was the same pattern for the 3 days we were there – wake up, eat, walk and repeat. It was bliss.

While there we went to some amazing bars and restaurants. I cannot recommend Hotel Costes for dinner enough, the staff look like they’ve walk straight off the carpet at The Met Gala and he atmosphere is insane, it’s Kim and Kanye’s fav restaurant apparently! Peninsula is a roof bar that is also a must go to. Themed like 1950s aviation planes, the bar features one of the best views of the city, and if you go at night the Eiffel Tower lights up beautifully – defiantly one to go to if you’re the romantic type.

Overall Paris has truly stolen my heart, I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved it. I can’t wait to return and stay at Le Cinq Codet again, truly if you’re looking for a magical Parisian experience look no further!

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