Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

So the other day I was flicking through my Instagram (@cullenjamie) and noticed something – I wear a lot of skinny jeans. At first I thought to myself is this a bad thing, is it boring for someone who wants to help inspire style to constantly wear black jeans, but then I quickly snapped out of it. You guys read my blog and follow my social media because you like how I dress, and what I wear, so don’t over think it Jamie – in the words of every millennial in the winter of 2017 “you do you boo”!

Well this got me thinking, the amount of times I wear jeans must be fairly similar to guys all the across the country. Flicking through the summer sales online I was overwhelmed at just how many styles of jeans there are – Skinny jean, Straight Jean, Taperd Jean, Slim Jean – jeans for every shape and style. But – how do you know what is the perfect jean for you? I thought I would show you three different types of jeans for people who have a similar body shape to me (for my regular followers you know I call this body shape “a human asparagus” aka long and lanky).

The Skinny Jean

You can’t walk down a street in Britain these days without seeing the Skinny Jeans. From the jet black denim in Shoreditch, to the turn up white skinny jeans of Chelsea, they are everywhere. This is my token staple fit jean, made famous in a resent resurgence thanks to the world of Indie music and Russel Brand. Firstly let’s remove the misconception that you have “to be skinny” to wear skinny jeans, i admit the name doesn’t help, but the high level of elasticity in skinny jeans actually make the beautifully figure hugging. My personal style is to rock a skinny jeans with a high ankle boot, with a bit of a Cuban heel, giving that extra long look! However Skinny Jeans aren’t just for the rock n roll amongst us – they come in an array of colours, perfect for summer, a way to jazz up an outfit in a white or pale pink and nice fitted polo – Sloane rangers amongst us will know this look well turned up with a boat shoe! Also – fun fact, whenever I find that my Skinny Jeans are starting to loose their shape, just pop them on and jump in the bath, I know sounds ridiculous, but the water makes the material shrink to fit tight around your skin! I wear Asos Extreme Super Skinny (basically as skinny as you can get 😂)

The Slim Jean

For most guys I would think that the Slim Jean is the most common preference fit jean. Gone are the days of MC Hammer style straight leg leans that flap around everywhere, with the modern man favouring a slightly more fitted and structure silhouette. While the Slim Jean gives a neater fit than its Straight Leg counterpart, it still allows for movement around the .. ummm.. breathable required areas that most men prefer to not have as restricted. Personally I find Slim Legs jeans a little baggy as I have rather thin legs, so I tend to roll them up and team them with a tee and stan smiths or loafers , for a slightly dress down smart look – when I wear them with a shirt I end up just looking awkward I think! Here are a pair of faded denim slim leg jeans from Asos.

The Tapered Jean

When describing a Tapered Jean I like to think of the denim family, and if the Skinny Jean and the Slim Jean had a child, it would be the Tapered Jean. Like the Slim Jean the Tapered Jean features a slightly looser cut around the calf, before coming in toward the lower leg and ankle, similar to that of the Skinny Jean. If could be described as a transitional jean, for a modern day man wanting to try a skinny jean but not able to fully commit to the drainpipe leg. I’m a big fan of a tapered jean on the weekends, a dress down jean if you were, with a simple tee and converse

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