Ralph Lauren : The Icons

In partnership with Ralph Lauren.

I have been blogging now for just over two years, and in that time I have had some pretty magical experiences, met some of my best friends to date and worked with some incredible brands. I never in my wildest dreams though thought I would ever be writing the blog post I am today. Today I am excited to share with you my partnership with Ralph Lauren, a brand that is synonymous with class and style, and hey they think lil ol’ me fits their brand.

Together we are celebrating the new Ralph Lauren Icons Collection, a celebration of their incredible timeless and icon pieces from over the past 50 years. Yes, Ralph Lauren is now 50 years old, 50 years of creating one of the most fashionable and, ultimately, iconic brands. The famed Polo Ralph Lauren Pony is one of the worlds most renowned brand icons! They celebrated turning 50 by taking over Central Park in New York (my favourite place in the world) to showcase half a century of incredibly revered items and in going to be showing you a selection of them!

The Teddy Jumper

The past two years at Christmas one thing I have always wanted but never got was be famous Ralph Lauren Teddy Jumper. Not only are they adorably cute, but stylish to boot – in a beautifully eye catching way for any modern day man! Over the past 50 years the iconic Teddy has had his fair share of outfit changes himself, which makes him even more desirable but nothing get more classic than the beauty here.

The Rugby Top

When you think of Ralph Lauren there are certain items, that no mater what, are just synonymous with the Polo brand. Fitted shirts, cable knits and polo shirts are all up there, but the classic all American Rugby top is something that has truly stood the test of time for the Ralph Lauren brand, and, as thought of you who follow my instagram will know, are a stable within my wardrobe!

The American Flag Jumper

The last, but by no means least, item from the collection that I’m going to showcase is arguably one of the most famous one off pieces that everyone associates with the brand – the Stars and Stripes American Flag. If 50 years ago you could see where America is now and how it has changed you probably wouldn’t believe it, but it is great to remember that that powerful nation will always have created some of the world best fashion designers, and that people should wear the American Flag Jumper with pride as a symbol of style and dedication to a dream.

Fashion may have changed considerably over the past 50 years, but the classic Ralph Lauren pieces have stood the test of time, being able to be easily styled into any modern day wardrobe effortlessly!

J x

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