Just How Fantastic Are Fantastic Services…

Gifted partnership for review

I am all about confidence, I think that being confident in yourself or in your brand is amazing, and there is something about calling yourself Fantastic Services that really doe scream confidence ey, I mean – bold, going out there and telling everyone that your service is Fantastic. But just how Fantastic, are Fantastic Services.

 For those who aren’t aware of the company, they are a cleaning and garden service where you can book an appointment slot, a one off or a repeat booking, and one of the helpful team will come over and do a full service clean of your property – this can be the full house, a few rooms, through to a full deep clean! Well at Christmas they also offer an extra feature – Christmas trees. Now this is something that I took advantage of last Christmas and instantly knew where I wanted to go for my tree this year. Like their other services, it is pretty bespoke to you – you pick a time slot, you pick the height (obvs went for a ridiculous 8 foot), then you pick the base. They also offer the service of decorating the tree for you if you want, but this is something that I love doing so that was a no from me!!


Once booked they come over and set it all up for you – now the thing to note that I wasn’t aware of is that if you book a 10am slot, that doesn’t mean they arrive at 10am on the dot, I made this mistake – it is usually an hour and half or so time slot just to factor in travel, traffic and set up, but once in their super efficient. Once they come to collect it, they also ensure that all the old pine needsles are cleared up and tidied.


Overall, what they say is what you get, a really fantastic service, and a stress free Christmas!!

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