Improving Your Hair In Lockdown

Paid partnerships with Sons

Well hello you lovely bunch, seems pretty strange to be writing this during a lockdown, literally living through history right now ey! During these times it seems that there are two types of men who are emerging, those who have decided to take the prospect of never seeing another soul for 3 month to discover if they truly have a ‘egg head’ and shave their hair off, bleaching what remains fluorescent pink, and those who want to take this time to really try and give their head and scalp a well deserved rejuvenation period – I think you can all guess which tribe I fall into.

Now as you know, I’ve been working with the guys from Sons for a while, using their monthly service for the last 3 months. Other than the fact they’re a brand I truly believe in, with my hair feeling nourished and looking fuller than ever, now more than ever I think it is important to support independent companies. Their delivery service is still fully operational, ensuring that if you, like me, want to spend a few months looking after your hair, you have everything in your arsenal to do so.

For those who didn’t see my most recent Instagram post, Sons is a scientifically proven subscription service for those wanting to ensure they have the healthiest, fullest and thickest hair possible. You fill out a survey online and their team of medical professionals will create a tailor made pack specifically for you. These products are not ‘new’, they have been used by some of the UK’s leading hair loss centres for years, Sons simply make them accessible – needed more than ever now considering you aren’t able to go to clinics.

Inside you’ll box you’ll find:

. Sons Shampoo – The Sons shampoo is formulated with Saw Palmetto, which naturally helps reduce the levels of DHT (the hormone which causes hair loss)  build up on your scalp.

Biotin – Also known as vitamin B7, this is the vitamin which promotes healthy and strong hair – all in a daily tablet.

Finasteride – now if you get one of the Full Works boxes it will also include Finasteride, a prescription drug used to help treat hair loss. This tablet, taken daily, helps to block the production of DHT – helping your hair live longer!

Minoxidil – And lastly, you’ll get Minoxidil, a topical solution used to help alopecia patients regain their hair. Minoxidil helps awaken the follicles and give it the kick start they need in order to help the production of new healthy hair.

What’s also great about Sons is that over on their Instagram they give useful tips and trick for ensuring you have the healthiest possible hair too – and they’re so simple, down to things likes not using too much heat on your hair, don’t brush it while wet as it is 3 times weaker, and if you’re not going out – then why are you putting product in your hair.

Give the Sons range a whirl for yourself, at and obviously if you have any questions at all just reach out – i’m happy to help!

J x


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  1. You do have amazing hair to be fair – does the serum sting at all?


    • Hey Simon, not at all! Doesnt feel of ‘anything’ really – maybe a little bit sticky, but its just absorbs into the skin naturally. Hope that helps!


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